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QX-F(150-600) Folding Machine (For 150-600mm Nonwoven Fabric)

This page focuses on the QX-F (1500600) folding machine. It is a versatile non-woven machine that is designed to handle various non-woven materials through am automatic one-stop process from embossing to folding, counting and cutting.

The non-woven folding machine comes with an automatic embossing function, allowing it to produce clear and beautiful embossing patterns as needed. Products manufactured by the fabric folder do not need to be folded manually. In addition, our non-woven fabric embossing, folding and cutting machine has a speed of 300-500 sheets/minutes at a folding size of 150-600 mm. It can also fold into various shapes, including an N, a W, folding in half and other special shapes.

Model: QX-F (150-600)
Folding size: 150-600mm (Size can be customized)
Folding device: High accuracy linear cutting
Embossing device: Special steel roll, wool covered roll, etc.
Folding patterns: N shape, W shape, folding in half and special shapes (Customizable)
Control system: Variable frequency speed control
Power: Motor
Speed: 300-500 sheet/min
Compressed air: Customers prepare by themselves
Power supply: 380V, 50Hz, 4.5-8.5Kw
Weight: about 2200kg (Specific weight depends on machine configurations)

1. This folding machine is designed with a constant heating system, which contains temperature control devices and relevant electrical components, making the temperature adjustable.
2. A synchronous broad belt conveying device and a tension control device ensure the size accuracy of the finished product.
3. The machine uses an air operated counting device, and is equipped with both forward ad reverse web guiding devices.
4. The non-woven fabric folding machine comes with a specially designed shape folder that ensures a variety of folding patterns.
5. The drive part on the textile machine utilizes gear movements to eliminate the gear clearance. It can also be outfitted with a static eliminating device.
6. Our folding machine works with variable frequency speed control systems, allowing easy operation.

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