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QX-G1600 Folding Machine (For Nonwoven Bed Sheets)

In recent years, the folding machine for medical and household bed sheets, as well as industrial large sheets of non-woven has become incapable of meeting market demands for production capacity. Because of that, bed sheet manufacturers are turning to more integrated and efficient bed sheet folding machines, such as those supplied by Ruixing, where we offer patented and automatic large bed sheet folders.

Now in the 2nd decade of experience, our bed sheet folding machines can produce more than 50 meter products per minute, including various medical composite materials and spunbound non-woven materials. This non-woven machine has been drastically improved in terms of production capacity, reliability, operation economy and other aspects, making it suitable for commercial batch productions of non-woven bed sheets.

Specifications of Bed Sheets Folding Machine
Model: QX-G1600
Slitting device: roll cutting
Folding type: Crosswise and longitudinal folding
Product size: 1-1.6m material can be folded to minimum 40cm
Applicable material: Various medical composite materials, spunbond non-wovens
Control system: PLC, Servo control system
Power: Servo motor
Speed: 20-80m/min
Compressed air: Customers provide for themselves
Power supply: 380V, 50Hz, 8.5Kw
Weight: about 3400kg (Specific weight depends on machine configurations)

1. The multi-functional folding machine for bed sheets uses a servo control system with a color touch screen, special shape folding devices, automatic conveying devices, and a high speed rocker arm stacking system, which all improves the production capacity.
2. The entire process on the non-woven folding machine, from the material feeding, crosswise folding and longitudinal folding to the final cutting are all automatically completed on the conveyor belt.
3. The bed sheet folding machine uses a continuous variable transmission to control the tension and a servo motor to control the product length. In addition, the machine is equipped with a forward and reverse web guiding and converting device.
4. Our industrial folding equipment comes with a synchronous wide belt conveyor and magnetic powder tension control system, a pneumatic feeding device and an air expanding shaft unwinding device.
5. This non-woven folding machine uses imported frequency converters, PLC controllers with a touch screen, laser length meters, servo motors and imported electrical components to implement combined control.

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