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QX-G Folding Machine (For Medical Bed Sheets)

The QX-G folding machine manufactured by Ruixing is a large scale non-woven folder for medical bed sheets. It uses combined control with a frequency converter, PLC controller with a display, laser length meters, servo motors and relevant electrical parts. This medical bed sheet machine, otherwise known as textile machinery or non-woven machinery, can fold the non-woven fabrics at a width of 1.2m-4.2 m into the needed size of 40cm. It is an ideal choice for commercial batch production.

Model: QX-G
Production speed: 50-100 sheet/min
Effective breath: 4,200mm
Rated voltage/frequency: 380V/50Hz
Total power: 8.5Kw
Dimensions (L×W×H): 16,000mm×4,800mm×3,000mm
Weight: 3500kg

1. It is a large scale folding machine for medical and hospital non-woven products, designed using foreign folding technology.
2. The medical bed sheet folder automatically perform production processes, from unwinding to crosswise folding, longitudinal folding (either once or twice) all the way to cutting by means of a belt conveyor.
3. Our bed sheet folding machine is designed with continuously variable transmissions for tension control, a servo motor for product length control, and a web guiding system for precision control.
4. It also comes with a wide belt synchronous conveyor and magnetic powder tension control device. Additionally, the fabric folding machine is equipped with an air operated automatic feeder and air expanding shaft unwinding device.

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