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Folding Machine (Nonwoven Machines)

    1. QX-Fb Folding Machine (For 100-900mm Nonwoven Fabric)The QX-Fb (100-900) folding machine introduced on this page is a popular non-woven machine. It is a fully automatic folder, as it can conduct automatic pushing, folding, cutting and counting from the raw material stage all the way to the final, finished product.
    1. QX-Q Folding Machine (For Nonwoven Wet Wipes)The non-woven folding machine comes with a spiral perforating system and an entire row of air-driven counting devices.
      It also comes with a synchronous conveying device and two tension control devices.
    1. QX-G1600 Folding Machine (For Nonwoven Bed Sheets)

      Bed sheet folding machine uses a continuous variable transmission to control the tension and a servo motor to control the product length. In addition, the machine is equipped with a forward and reverse web guiding and converting device.

    1. QX-G Folding Machine (For Medical Bed Sheets) This medical bed sheet machine, otherwise known as textile machinery or non-woven machinery, can fold the non-woven fabrics at a width of 1.2m-4.2 m into the needed size of 40cm. It is an ideal choice for commercial batch production.
    1. QX-3F Folding Machine (For Nonwoven Wet Wipes)This non-woven folding machine comes with complete functions, which means all processes, including raw material feeding, slitting, vacuum absorbing, cutting, folding and shift counting, through to the end product discharging, are all carried out automatically.

As a prominent non-woven machine supplier in China, Ruixing manufactures and sells an extensive selection of non-woven slitter machines, non-woven folding machines, non-woven bag machines and more. The following non-woven folding machine described on the following pages comes in a number of different models for different functions. This folding equipment, otherwise known as non-woven folders, has been praised by non-woven fabric manufacturers for their smooth running process, easy operation and large production capacity. If you are looking for a folding machine, such as the bed sheet folding machine, please let us know, we will provide you quality machines and services.