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Customized Equipment

    1. Fabric Rewinding Machine The QX-Za fabric rewinding machine, also known as a fabric rewinder, is a versatile non-woven fabric machine that combines perforating, slitting and rewinding into one machine. It can be used on spunlaced, needle punched, hot melt and spunwound non-woven materials.
    1. Fabric Wetting Machine It can also achieve simultaneous spraying from multiple sides, allowing the entire wipe to become uniformly soaked, with no dry angles. With a frequency speed control, the speed ranges from 5-20 m/minute.
    1. Cutting Machine (For Medical Tape)The cutting machine comes with 2 sets of cutting knives that can achieve both synchronous and independent cutting in segments. They are available in either round or sharp knife.
      A linear side rail is also used for cutting.
    1. Compressed Towel Making MachineUsing this compressed towel making machine, different shapes can be made, including round, heart, ovals, and square. They can also be used for facial make-up, wine bottle shaped and more. Have your own shape in mind? Customized shapes can also be made upon customer requests.

As one of China’s major non-woven machine suppliers, Ruixing has nearly 20 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying non-woven slitter rewinders, non-woven folding machines, wet wipe machines, and cotton pad machines. To also better meet customer requirements, along with the above machines, we also manufacture and customize a number of different non-woven production equipment pieces including a fabric rewinding machine, fabric wetting machine, cutting machine and compressed towel making machines. For more details, please visit the next pages, or give us a call.