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QX-R600 Slitter Rewinder

Having served the converting industry for almost 20 years, Ruixing has become a major manufacturer and supplier of non-woven slitting machines. The QX-R600 slitter rewinder is popular due to its versatile abilities, including slitting, trimming and rewinding spunlaced, needle-punched, melt-blown, hot bond and sunbound non-woven material. It addition to non-woven materials, this rewinder machine can also be used to slit and rewind textile materials and paper, while still ensuring flat and beautiful sides.

The production speed reaches 60-90 meters/minute, and comes with a continuous variable speed control, which enables the machine to control both the slitting and rewinding speed. The non-woven trimming and rewinding machine is also outfitted with tension control devices and adjustable rewinding roll taking up devices for meeting wider application requirements.

Model: QX-R600
Slitting device: Shear type round knife
Rewinding type: Pneumatic pressing device
Control mode: Frequency control
Drive: Variable frequency motor
Production speed: 60-90m/min (It depends on material characteristics)
Compressed air: customer provided
Power supply: 380V, 50Hz, 2.2Kw
Weight: about 1000kg (It depends on machine configurations.)

1. The slitter rewinder has automatic counting and stop functions.
2. A magnetic powder controller is equipped to assist in controlling the web conveying. It is designed with a pneumatic expanding shaft, and the continuous tension control device is optional.
3. It is equipped with a high precision aluminum alloy wrinkle distributing roller.
4. With the use of an air pressuring device, this slitter rewinder can adjust the rewinding tightness degree and ensure uniformity.
5. A pneumatic device that allows the slitting knife to move automatically and horizontally is equipped on the slitting unit.
6. The slitting machine comes with a knife withdrawal groove on the operation floor.
7. The slitter rewinder employs a variable frequency motor to control the speed.

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