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QX-R1800 Slitter Rewinder

The QX-R1800 is an upgraded slitter rewinder that integrates non-woven perforating machines, non-woven slitting machines and non-woven rewinding machines, all into one. It can be used to slit and rewind spunlaced non-woven materials, wood pulp non-woven materials, needle-punched nonwoven materials and spundbound non-woven materials with a speed of anywhere from 50-80 meters/minute with an outstanding slitting effect.

This slitter rewinder uses multiple innovative designs to operate. To be more specific, it has a full pressure rewinding system, magnetic powder tension control system, automatic air blowing system, automatic discharging system and a pneumatic web feeding device, air expanding shaft unwinding device, an air operated wide belt synchronous conveying unit, and an automatic knife uplifting device. With these designs, the slitter rewinding machine achieves an accurate spiral perforating and can adjust the perforating slant angle.

Model: QX-R1800 (upgraded type)
Slitting device: Shear type round knife
Perforating type: Spiral perforating
Control mode: Frequency control
Drive: Motor
Parameters setting: human-machine interface
Production speed: 50-80m/min (It depends on material features)
Compressed air: Customers supply their own
Power supply: 380V, 50Hz, 3.5Kw
Weight: about 2500kg (It depends on machine configurations.)

1. This slitter rewinder can synchronously and automatically carry out perforating, counting, slitting, rewinding and discharging, ensuring a smooth and flat side surface.
2. Due to a continuous variable transmission gear, the perforating pitch on the non-woven processing equipment ranges from 10-60cm and can be easily adjusted using a combined control of the PLC and servo motor.
3. The slitter rewinder is equipped with two tension control devices and an adjustable air operated rewinding roll pressing device. It can produce cored or coreless non-woven rewinding rolls, along with perforated holes, or rolls that have no holes.
4. This non-woven machine uses an imported frequency converter for speed control.
5. The slitter rewinder can be supplied with a magnetic powder tension control system.

As a leading Chinese non-woven machinery supplier with cutting edge technology in the industry, Ruixing offers customers high quality and cost effective non-woven slitter rewinders, and can change multiple equipment configurations to meet different requirements.

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