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QX1-R1800 Slitter Rewinder

Differing from the QX1-R1800 machine which is powered with 3 servo motors, this one comes with a single servo control system. This non-woven converting machinery is ideal for slitting and rewinding various non-woven fabrics, with a production speed of 50-80 meters/minute. It uses a premium single servo controlled system which allows for the optional adjustment of the slitting width.

The slitter rewinder is composed of the perforating machine, slitting machine and rewinding machine, and it can be used to process cored, coreless, perforated or non-perforated non-woven rewinding rolls. It utilizes automatic and synchronous perforating, slitting and rewinding, and ensures a flat, neat and burr-free end face.

Model: QX1-R1800
Slitting cutter: Shear type round knife
Perforating type: Spiral perforating
Rewinding type: Special pneumatic pressing device
Control mode: Servo control, PLC
Drive: Servo motor
Parameters setting: Color touch screen
Production speed: 50-80m/min
Compressed air: Customers prepare
Power supply: 380V, 50Hz, 3.5Kw
Weight: about 2500kg (It depends on specific machine configurations)

1. The non-woven slitter rewinder is designed with an IR automatic counting and automatic stop functions.
2. It carries out spiral perforating that is fast, smooth and steady. The perforating gradient is adjustable.
3. This non-woven machine comes with joint control with the PLC and servo motor, allowing the perforating pitch to be adjustable.
4. The slitter rewinder is equipped with two tension control devices and a pneumatic rewinding roll pressing device.
5. It features a variable frequency speed control, and an organized wiring system.
6. This slitter rewinding machine can come with the addition of a magnetic powder tension control system for the unwinding unit.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of this slitting winding equipment is its competitive configurations, including a pneumatic feeding device, air expanding shaft unwinding device, pneumatic wide belt synchronous conveyor, slitting cutter air driven lifting device and slitting cutter horizontal moving device. In addition, as a professional slitter rewinder manufacturer, Ruixing can change various configurations according to specific customer production requirements.

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