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Nonwoven Cutting Machine

As a major non-woven machine supplier, Ruixing offers an extensive range of nonwoven machines, including the QX-B1600 non-woven cutting machine. This non-woven fabric cutting machine is equipped with 2 groups of ultrasonic bonding systems used to bind the non-woven sheets. It can produce sheets at a maximum size of 1600 mm, at a speed of 30-120 sheets/minute.

The unwinding system on this machine comes with a tension control device, which makes the end sheets flat, neat and free of burrs. Advanced servo motors are used to control web feeding, and the raw material conveying, trimming, ultrasonic bonding, photoelectric positioning and the cutting processes can all be carried out automatically.

Model: QX-B (1600)
Max. Cutting width: 1500mm
Cutting length: Settable
Embossing unit: Embossing can be customized as per customer request
Bonding system: Top grade ultrasonic
Cutting unit: Herringbone cutter
Control system: PLC, servo control system
Power: Servo motor
Parameter setting: Touch screen
Speed: 30-120 sheet/min
Compressed air: Customers provide for themselves.
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, 4.5Kw
Weight: about 1800kg (Specific weight depends on machine configurations)

1. This non-woven bag making machine comes with microcomputer control, servo motor driven material transporting and photoelectric tracking cutting.
2. The unwinding system comes with a tension control device that allows for uniform sheets without rough selvedge.
3. This non-woven machinery uses a high quality servo motor and a photoelectric controller for web feeding.
4. The electrical components of the cutting machine come with safe wiring, which ensures the safety and easy operation of the machine.

The non-woven roll to sheet cutting machine shown in the picture is equipped with extra devices as per customer request, including a hot pressing system and IR positioning unit, which ensures a high precision cutting. This non-woven cutting machine can reduce up to 75% of labor costs and improve the working efficiency during the production of non-woven bags.

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