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Slitter Rewinder (Nonwoven Machines)

    1. QX-R Slitter RewinderThe QX-R slitter rewinder is highly praised for its versatility in its ability to slit spunlaced, needle-punched, melt-blown, heat seal and spun bound non-woven fabrics. In addition, this non-woven slitting and rewinding machine can serve as textile equipment for slitting textile materials.
    1. QX-RB Slitter Rewinder

      This converting equipment with a servo control motor can complete emobossing, scoring, counting, slitting, and rewinding processes, ensuring a flat end face and a clear score. It is a preferred choice for slitting and rewinding spunlaced.

    1. QX-R1500 Slitter RewinderThe machine speed reaches as high as 60-90 meters/minute. Equipped with 5 groups of folding devices, this slitter rewinding machine can automatically complete the folding and rewinding processes after slitting, all at a great synchronized rate.
    1. QX-R600 Slitter RewinderThe QX-R600 slitter rewinder is popular due to its versatile abilities, including slitting, trimming and rewinding spunlaced, needle-punched, melt-blown, hot bond and sunbound non-woven material. It addition to non-woven materials, this rewinder machine can also be used to slit and rewind textile materials and paper.
    1. QX-R1800 Slitter RewinderIt can be used to slit and rewind spunlaced non-woven materials, wood pulp non-woven materials, needle-punched nonwoven materials and spundbound non-woven materials with a speed of anywhere from 50-80 meters/minute with an outstanding slitting effect.
    1. QX3-R1800 Slitter RewinderThis particular type of non-woven equipment comes with a speed of 70-110 meters/minute and consists of three parts: the perforating device, slitting device and rewinding device. Each part is driven using a servo motor.
    1. QX1-R1800 Slitter Rewinder This non-woven converting machinery is ideal for slitting and rewinding various non-woven fabrics, with a production speed of 50-80 meters/minute. It uses a premium single servo controlled system which allows for the optional adjustment of the slitting width.
    1. Nonwoven Cutting MachineThis non-woven fabric cutting machine is equipped with 2 groups of ultrasonic bonding systems used to bind the non-woven sheets. It can produce sheets at a maximum size of 1600 mm, at a speed of 30-120 sheets/minute.

Ruixing is a Chinese company that specializes in non-woven machine manufacturing. The slitter rewinder is one of the company’s high quality and excellent performance non-woven machines, designed with the addition of an automatic edge aligning device based on the original electric control system. Due to that, this slitting rewinding machine has a higher working performance, more stability during high speed operations, flat and smooth winding, easy and safe operations, and a strong durability.

The non-woven slitter rewinder, also referred to as a converting machine, is mainly used to slit wide rolls of non-woven fabrics. The slitting technology covers two processes, the winding and rewinding. Excellent tension control in the winding and unwinding processes makes the slitter rewinder more competitive. For more information about specific non-woven slitting machines, please browse the following pages.