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QX-F(100-900) Folding Machine (For 100-900mm Nonwoven Fabric)

We would like to introduce the QX-F (100-900) folding machine to you on this page. This non-woven fabric folder integrates both a folding machine and a cutting machines, and is designed for handling non-woven materials such as gauze and air-laid paper in different specifications and dimensions. Entire processes, including the raw material feeding, and folding, cutting and counting are all completed automatically.

The non-woven folding and cutting machine is equipped with a creatively designed folder that can convert numerous folding patterns, including an N-shape, W-shape, folding in half and other special folding patterns. After being folded by the machine, the non-woven fabric comes in sizes ranging from 100-900mm. This non-woven equipment also complies with sanitary requirements, which allows it to be suitable for producing medical and hygienic non-woven fabrics, such as dusting cloths.

Model: QX-F (100-900)
Folding size: 100-900mm (It can be customized)
Folding device: High precision linear cutting technology
Folding patterns: N shape, W shape, folding in half and special shapes
Control system: Frequency control
Power: Motor
Speed: 200-600 sheet/min
Compressed air: Customers provide for themselves
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, 3.5-6.5Kw
Weight: about 2200kg (Specific weight depends on machine configurations)

1. The non-woven folding machine is designed with a wide belt synchronous conveying device and two tension control devices, ensuring a high precision folding.
2. The driving parts on the non-woven folder cutter come with a combination of multiple gears in order to eliminate gear clearance. It can also be equipped with a static removal device or embossing and printing devices as needed.
3. This folding machine uses an air driven counting device, as well as web guiding and converting devices.
4. The speed is controlled using an imported frequency converter.
5. The machine table and the parts that touch the non-woven fabrics are made of stainless steel.
6. Imported state-of-the-art cutting tools are durable and heat resistant. The machine is also equipped with an automatic cutter sharpening tool.
7. The folding machine has a compact structure, stable performance and is easy to operate.

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