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QX-Fb Folding Machine (For 100-900mm Nonwoven Fabric)

This versatile folding machine ensures neat, flat and burr free folded products that vary in size, from 100-900mm. It can accomplish multiple folding patterns, including N shape, W shape, folding in half, and other special shapes. The production speed ranges from 300-600 sheets/minute. With a specially designed folder and push folding method, the non-woven folding machine is ideal for non-woven materials with a film lamination and slippery PP spunbound non-wovens.

Model: QX-Fb (100-900)
Folding size: 100-900mm (It can be customized)
Folding device: Pushing type
Folding patterns: N shape, W shape, folding in half and special shapes
Control system: Frequency control
Power: Motor
Speed: 300-600 sheet/min
Compressed air: Customers prepare by themselves
Power supply: 380V, 50Hz, 3.5-6.5Kw
Weight: about 2200kg (Specific weight depends on machine configurations)

1. The non-woven folding equipment uses a saw blade to cut the folded non-woven fabrics, ensuring a flat cutting face and the same length on two sides.
2. It can carry out one-step operations, automatically completing production processes from folding to cutting, and counting to the finished product.
3. According to tension differences in the non-woven roll, the folding machine is designed with tension control devices in two places to ensure the size precision of folded products.
4. Our folding cutting machine uses imported premium cutters that are durable and heat resistant, and is also equipped with an automatic sharpening unit.
5. A pneumatic counting device is used, as is a web guiding system.
6. The non-woven folding machine is characterized by its multi-functional shape folding devices, which can convert a number of folding patterns.
7. This versatile folder uses a unique gear transmission to remove gear clearance, enable a precise processing technology. It can also be outfitted with a static eliminating device and embossing and printing devices as needed.
8. The folding machine also comes with a synchronous wide belt transporting device.

With two decades of experience in manufacturing non-woven slitter rewinders, folding machines and bag machines, Ruixing has become an excellent supplier of non-woven machines in China. The QX-Fb (100-900) folding machine introduced on this page is a popular non-woven machine. It is a fully automatic folder, as it can conduct automatic pushing, folding, cutting and counting from the raw material stage all the way to the final, finished product.

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