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QX3-1200 Nonwoven Bag Machine

This page is specifically about the QX3-1200 bag machine. This non-woven fabric bag making machine comes with a full servo control system and color touch screen operation. It is an excellent choice for flat bags, vest bags, and other bags. Non-woven bags manufactured using this shopping bag machine have become increasingly popular among companies such as Wal-Mart.

Production Process
The bag machine can automatically carry out the complete bag production process, including material feeding, folding, bottom sealing, notching, photoelectric tracking, sewing, roll cutting and end product output and counting.

Model: QX3-1200
Folding device: Stainless steel guide plate
Embossing device: Customizable embossing figures
Special device: 3D bag former, optional
Bonding system: Ultrasonic bonding system + Air cylinder delay hot pressing system
Cutting system: Herringbone cutter; roller cutter, optional
Product output device: Smart mechanical arm, optional
Bag size: ≤600mm, customizable
Bag types: Flat bags, vest bags, shopping bags, inner and outer packaging bags.
Control system: PLC, Servo
Power: Servo motor
Parameter setting: Color touch screen
Production speed: 50-80pcs/minute (It depends on bag specifications)
Compressed air: Customers provide for themselves
Carton size: Depending on machine configurations and models
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, 8.5Kw
Weight: about 4500kg

1. A herringbone cutter ensures the sharpness and prevents rough selvedge. The cutter guide is designed with a Taiwanese ABBA roll shaft.
2. The non-woven bag machine adds an air cylinder delay compression system to the hot pressing system, ensuring a perfect bonding seal. According to customer requirements, a cold pressing system is also available.
3. This bag machine, also known as a flat bag machine, or vest bag machine, uses imported electrical components such as an OMRON photoelectric switch, Mitsubishi electrical device, and a Panasonic PLC to allow the machine to have a stable operation and also run efficiently.
4. The bag machine applies a large power ultrasonic bonding system that ensures a high bonding degree, and the seal in long term bonding and free control.
5. A versatile folding device with an innovative stainless steel guide plate guarantees a precise and neat folding.
6. The transmission uses an integral connection, allowing for stable transportation.
7. As it come with a 3D bag forming device, this machine can produce reusable 3D shopping bags.

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