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Bag Making Machine

    1. QX-500 Bag Making Machine (For Nonwoven Filter Bag)

      QX-500 non-woven bag machine is equipped with a full servo control system and a printing system, and comes with a photoelectric tracking device for the bag mouth binding, bonding and cutting, which enables a smooth, neat, and burr-free edge with a high bonding strength.

    1. QX-400 Bag Making Machine (For Nonwoven Filter Bag)The QX-400 bag machine is a multi-functional filter bag machine that is great for making non-woven filter bags with a notching mouth, binding pocket mouth and folded edges. The non-woven bag forming machine comes with a servo control system, an automatic balance material transporting system.
    1. QX3-1200 Nonwoven Bag Machine It is an excellent choice for flat bags, vest bags, and other bags. Non-woven bags manufactured using this shopping bag machine have become increasingly popular among companies such as Wal-Mart.
    1. 4 Color Printing MachineOur 4 color flexo bag printing machine can print 4+0 colors, 3+1, and 2+2 colors on bags with a printing length ranging from 229mm to 1000mm, it is idea equipment for printing on non-woven bags.
    1. QX2-1200 Nonwoven Bag MachineThe QX2-1200 bag machine is a conventional non-woven cloth bag making machine designed to produce different environmentally friendly bags, such as flat bags, vest bags, handle bags, box bags and more.

Founded in 1995, Ruixing has developed into a specialized non-woven machine manufacturer. Along with a wide range of non-woven slitter rewinders and folding machines, we also offer an extensive collection of non-woven bag machines. In the following pages, we will display both conventional and servo control type non-woven bag making machines, and bag printing machines.

These bag machines are also referred to as reusable shopping bag making machines, and they feature a reliable quality and stable operation. Bags made on these machines are environmentally friendly and durable, allowing them to be widely used in supermarkets, department stores and fruit stores. Because of this, these bag machines have become increasingly popular among non-woven bag manufacturers.