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QX-2Rd Makeup Remover Pad Machine (Round Cotton Pads)

Having served the cosmetic industry for a number of years as a specialized cotton pad machine manufacturer, Ruixing provides high quality, efficient and low cost machines and equipment for the production of different types of cotton rounds. The QX-2Rd round cotton pad making machine is one such machine, used for the production of different cotton rounds. In addition, this cotton round making machine can also be used as a non-woven machine for producing medical round non-woven products.

Model: QX-2Rd
Roll material breadth: 25cm
Nonwoven roll diameter: 100cm
Slitting device: Cutter arranged roll cutting
Embossing device: Steel embossing roll
Product size: Customized
Counting method: Stacking counting
Applicable material: Pure cotton, non-wovens, cotton cloth, medical spunlaced non-wovens
Control system: PLC, Servo control
Power: Motor
Production speed: About 1200 pads/minute
Power supply: 380V, 50Hz, 2.5Kw
Weight: about 2300kg

1. The cotton pad making machine can automatically complete all the production processes, including material unwinding and conveying, embossing, continuous roll cutting, stacking and counting, discharging, and waste rewinding, among others.
2. Round cotton pads produced on this non-woven converting machine feature outstanding water absorption, and a soft and comfortable feeling against your skin, and make make-up removal fast and easy.
3. This cotton pad making machine uses multiple sets of unwinding devices and one set of special slitting devices that are positioned in the best arrangement mode, reducing raw material waste.
4. The embossing device is a steel roller with a customized figure. The round cutter is made of special material, ensuring an accurate cutting and high product precision.
5.This machine is designed with 3 tension control units and an automatic waste rewinding device.
6. Automatic stacking and counting units reduce labor and improve the production efficiency. The material width depends on the mold size.
7. A conveying system on this machine comes with a combination of wear resistant rubber rollers and belts, as well as an aluminum alloy guide roller.

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