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QX3-R1800 Slitter Rewinder

The QX3-R1800 slitter rewinder is a multifunctional slitting machine that is not only used for slitting and rewinding various non-woven materials, but it can also handle textiles, paper and other assorted materials, allowing it to serve as a great textile machinery and paper converting machine. This particular type of non-woven equipment comes with a speed of 70-110 meters/minute and consists of three parts: the perforating device, slitting device and rewinding device. Each part is driven using a servo motor.

This non-woven slitter rewinder ensures an adjustable slitting width of more than 30mm, and is suitable for rewinding rollers up to a maximum roller diameter of 400 mm. In addition, this non-woven slitting rewinding machine is designed with 15 sets of knives to make the slitting width adjustable within a certain range.

Model: QX3-R1800
Slitting device: Shear type round knife
Perforating type: Spiral perforating
Rewinding method: Special air operated press roller
Control mode: Multi servo control, with option of motion controller
Drive: Three servo motors, PLC
Parameters setting: Color touch screen
Production speed: 70-110m/min
Compressed air: Customers prepare by themselves
Power supply: 380V, 50Hz, 6.5Kw
Weight: about 3500kg (It depends on machine configurations)

1. The fully servo controlled slitter rewinder achieves the synchronous process of perforating, counting, slitting and rewinding.
2. The perforating tools implement spiral perforating, and the tool sixe is specified by the customer. The perforating gradient can be adjusted and the perforating pitch is more than 10 cm.
3. The slitting cutter shaft and rewinding shaft are driven by one servo motor and connected by a synchronous belt. This makes it easy to change the upper and lower slitting cutters.
4. It is designed with running rollers for perforating and slitting devices made of aluminum alloy, and come in a diameter of 80mm or more. They can also freely rotate.
5. The diameters on the two rewinding rolls are 220mm each.
6. This non-woven rewinder machine features an air expanding shaft unwinding, which employs screw rod regulators to guide the unwinding process. It uses pneumatic unwoven roll feeding, and there is only 10 cm to the ground when the rocker arm is at its lowest position.
7. Our QX3-R1800 slitter rewinder uses a PLC controller with a touch screen. Motors for unwinding, perforating, and slitting units use encoder or PLC programming.

The slitter rewinder with a full servo control system can make cored and coreeless rewinding rollers that can be perforated or non-perforated. It comes with dual operation methods on the control panel, including a touch screen control and a potentiometer button control. We also provide customers with multiple unwinding and rewinding methods, as well as conveyor belt controllers to meet production requirements for a variety of products.

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