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Wet Wipe Machine

    1. QX-F Wet Wipe Machine (For 5-30pcs Nonwoven Wipes)It is a multifunctional wet wipe machine, integrating wet wipe wetting machines, folding machines and slitting machines into one, making it ideal for spunlaced non-woven materials, wet strength paper and needle punched non-woven materials.
    1. QX-6F Wet Wipe Machine (For 5-80pcs Nonwoven Wipes)

      QX-6F wet wipe machine is a versatile machine that ingrates a wetting machine, a folding machine and a cutting machine. It can convert multiple non-woven materials into single sheet, drawing type wet wipes, at a speed of 1500-2000 sheets/minute.

    1. QX-80c Wet Wipe MachineThis wet wipe machine can automatically complete each process in one stroke, covering non-woven slitting, cross folding, liquid adding, counting, stacking, discharging, packaging, and labeling. By doing so, the working efficiency is significantly improved.
    1. QX-250 Wet Wipe Machine (Four Side Sealing Machine)The QX-250 wet wipe machine is a newly developed, fully automatic packaging machinery, designed to produce small pouch wet wipes with all four sides sealed. The end products made by the wet-wipe converting equipment can be used in medical, aviation, catering and other industries.
    1. QX-100 Wet Wipe Machine (Single Piece Package)It is designed to complete single sheet wet wipe production and packaging processes. The wet wipe machine has a production speed of 30-120 wipes/minute. The end products are widely used in hotels, restaurants and other dining places.
    1. Wet Wipe Packaging MachineThis wet tissue packaging equipment can complete the entire packaging process, from bag making to the filling, sealing, cutting and perforating and so on to the automatic labeling.
    1. Alcohol Pad Making MachineThe alcohol swab machine is specially designed to produce both standard and non-standard four sided sealed pouch alcohol pads, iodine pads, BZK pads and more. The product appearance comes in a single pack, doubles packs connected to each other, or 4 joint packs.
    1. QX-V Wet Wipe Machine (Wet Tissue Packaged in Canister)This hygiene equipment is provided with an automatic liquid adding device, an automatic film cutting device, automatic sealing device, and automatic film recycling device. With the use of these devices, the wet wipe machine can achieve an integrated production.
    1. Labeling MachineThe canister labeling machine, otherwise known as a bottle labeler, that we produce comes with multiple functions, including canister guiding, canister splitting, label flattening, counting and more.

As a professional Chinese manufacturer of wet wipe machines, Ruixing can offer a wide range of machines for wet wipe production, including wet wipe wetting and folding machines, complete wet wipe lines, wet wipe packaging machines, wet tissue labeling machines and more. These wet wipe machines, otherwise known as wet tissue machines, are designed to meet the production demands of small wet-wipe companies and high speed, multi-functional wet wipe production.

We can provide customers with the most appropriate wet wipe machines and custom solutions in regards to 5-80 wet wipe pieces, and different varieties of wet wipes, including single sheet wet wipes, 4 sides seal wet-wipes, extracting wet wipes, or canister wet wipes.