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QX-500 Bag Making Machine (For Nonwoven Filter Bag)

The QX-500 bag machine is a non-woven air filter bag making machine, designed to manufacture non-woven filter bags. This non-woven bag machine is equipped with a full servo control system and a printing system, and comes with a photoelectric tracking device for the bag mouth binding, bonding and cutting, which enables a smooth, neat, and burr-free edge with a high bonding strength.

Production Process
The bag machine can automatically complete the entire non-woven bag manufacturing process from the raw material feeding to the printing, pocket mouth binding, folding, ultrasonic bonding, cutting, and finished product output.

Model: QX-500
Equipment feature: Full servo control
Printing system: Environment friendly flexo printing
Folding device: Stainless steel bag edge forming unit
Embossing device:
Bonding system: Ultrasonic bonding
Bag size: ≤700mm
Bag types: Binding pocket mouth type, folded edge type
Control system: PLC, Servo
Power: Servo motor
Parameter setting: Color touch screen
Production speed: 10-50pcs/minute (It depends on bag specifications)
Compressed air: Customers provide for themselves
Carton size: Depending on machine configurations and models
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, 7.5Kw
Weight: about 3500kg

1. The non-woven machine is equipped with a continuous variable speed change device and adjustable automatic bag mouth binding device.
2. At the back side of the machine, there are 10 groups of raw materials feeding devices with mechanical tension control devices, manual web guiding devices, and a quick feeding wrench.
3. It is designed with an automatic balance material conveying system and a bag edge folding system which comes with a set of stainless steel edge forming molds and 2 press rollers for sufficiently shaping folded bag edges.
4. All transparent guiding rollers are made of a hard anodizing aluminum with a diameter of 75mm.
5. All molds are made from special materials and the embossing figures are engraved on the computer.
6. This bag production line will automatically stop when there are no materials.
7. Ultrasonic bonding molds, bag mouth bindings and edge sealing molds use a manual screw rod to adjust the widths and a fast hand lever for positioning.

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