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QX2-1200 Nonwoven Bag Machine

The QX2-1200 bag machine is a conventional non-woven cloth bag making machine designed to produce different environmentally friendly bags, such as flat bags, vest bags, handle bags, box bags and more. This automatic bag making equipment uses ultrasonic waves that come in large power and a high bonding strength, as well as long term continuous work and free control characters. While the machine is operating, the main machine and the ultrasonic system will work and stop simultaneously, effectively extending the service life.

Technical Parameters
Production speed: 40-70bags/minute
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, 7.5Kw
Outline dimensions: 11500mm×2000m×2200mm
Weight: Approx. 4500kg

1. This non-woven bag machine uses a herringbone cutter and an ABBA roller shaft guide.
2. It uses an air cylinder for pressure bonding, with the pressure time adjustable, ensuring the fastness of the bond.
3. Advanced electrical components, such as an OMRON photoelectric switch, Panasonic PLC and other parts make this reusable bag machine more stable, efficient and loss free during operation.
4. The bag machine is equipped with a specially designed stainless steel guide plate folding device, which ensures a precise and regular folding.
5. An integrally connected drive system allows synchronous material tension and a smooth and steady transport.

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