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    1. QX-R Slitter RewinderThe QX-R slitter rewinder is highly praised for its versatility in its ability to slit spunlaced, needle-punched, melt-blown, heat seal and spun bound non-woven fabrics. In addition, this non-woven slitting and rewinding machine can serve as textile equipment for slitting textile materials.
    1. QX-RB Slitter Rewinder

      This converting equipment with a servo control motor can complete emobossing, scoring, counting, slitting, and rewinding processes, ensuring a flat end face and a clear score. It is a preferred choice for slitting and rewinding spunlaced.

    1. QX-R1500 Slitter RewinderThe machine speed reaches as high as 60-90 meters/minute. Equipped with 5 groups of folding devices, this slitter rewinding machine can automatically complete the folding and rewinding processes after slitting, all at a great synchronized rate.
    1. QX-R600 Slitter RewinderThe QX-R600 slitter rewinder is popular due to its versatile abilities, including slitting, trimming and rewinding spunlaced, needle-punched, melt-blown, hot bond and sunbound non-woven material. It addition to non-woven materials, this rewinder machine can also be used to slit and rewind textile materials and paper.
    1. QX-R1800 Slitter RewinderIt can be used to slit and rewind spunlaced non-woven materials, wood pulp non-woven materials, needle-punched nonwoven materials and spundbound non-woven materials with a speed of anywhere from 50-80 meters/minute with an outstanding slitting effect.
    1. QX3-R1800 Slitter RewinderThis particular type of non-woven equipment comes with a speed of 70-110 meters/minute and consists of three parts: the perforating device, slitting device and rewinding device. Each part is driven using a servo motor.
    1. QX1-R1800 Slitter Rewinder This non-woven converting machinery is ideal for slitting and rewinding various non-woven fabrics, with a production speed of 50-80 meters/minute. It uses a premium single servo controlled system which allows for the optional adjustment of the slitting width.
    1. Nonwoven Cutting MachineThis non-woven fabric cutting machine is equipped with 2 groups of ultrasonic bonding systems used to bind the non-woven sheets. It can produce sheets at a maximum size of 1600 mm, at a speed of 30-120 sheets/minute.
    1. QX-F(100-900) Folding Machine (For 100-900mm Nonwoven Fabric)This non-woven fabric folder integrates both a folding machine and a cutting machines, and is designed for handling non-woven materials such as gauze and air-laid paper in different specifications and dimensions.
    1. QX-F(300-600) Folding Machine (For 300-600mm Nonwoven Fabric)This non-woven printer folder uses an anilox roller and rubber roller to print, which ensures the printing accuracy, low cost, clear printing, fast drying time, and folding convenience.
    1. QX-Fb Folding Machine (For 100-900mm Nonwoven Fabric)The QX-Fb (100-900) folding machine introduced on this page is a popular non-woven machine. It is a fully automatic folder, as it can conduct automatic pushing, folding, cutting and counting from the raw material stage all the way to the final, finished product.
    1. QX-F(150-600) Folding Machine (For 150-600mm Nonwoven Fabric)

      In addition, our non-woven fabric embossing, folding and cutting machine has a speed of 300-500 sheets/minutes at a folding size of 150-600 mm. It can also fold into various shapes, including an N, a W, folding in half and other special shapes.

    1. QX-Q Folding Machine (For Nonwoven Wet Wipes)The non-woven folding machine comes with a spiral perforating system and an entire row of air-driven counting devices.
      It also comes with a synchronous conveying device and two tension control devices.
    1. QX-G1600 Folding Machine (For Nonwoven Bed Sheets)

      Bed sheet folding machine uses a continuous variable transmission to control the tension and a servo motor to control the product length. In addition, the machine is equipped with a forward and reverse web guiding and converting device.

    1. QX-G Folding Machine (For Medical Bed Sheets) This medical bed sheet machine, otherwise known as textile machinery or non-woven machinery, can fold the non-woven fabrics at a width of 1.2m-4.2 m into the needed size of 40cm. It is an ideal choice for commercial batch production.
    1. QX-3F Folding Machine (For Nonwoven Wet Wipes)This non-woven folding machine comes with complete functions, which means all processes, including raw material feeding, slitting, vacuum absorbing, cutting, folding and shift counting, through to the end product discharging, are all carried out automatically.
    1. QX-F Wet Wipe Machine (For 5-30pcs Nonwoven Wipes)It is a multifunctional wet wipe machine, integrating wet wipe wetting machines, folding machines and slitting machines into one, making it ideal for spunlaced non-woven materials, wet strength paper and needle punched non-woven materials.
    1. QX-6F Wet Wipe Machine (For 5-80pcs Nonwoven Wipes)

      QX-6F wet wipe machine is a versatile machine that ingrates a wetting machine, a folding machine and a cutting machine. It can convert multiple non-woven materials into single sheet, drawing type wet wipes, at a speed of 1500-2000 sheets/minute.

    1. QX-80c Wet Wipe MachineThis wet wipe machine can automatically complete each process in one stroke, covering non-woven slitting, cross folding, liquid adding, counting, stacking, discharging, packaging, and labeling. By doing so, the working efficiency is significantly improved.
    1. QX-250 Wet Wipe Machine (Four Side Sealing Machine)The QX-250 wet wipe machine is a newly developed, fully automatic packaging machinery, designed to produce small pouch wet wipes with all four sides sealed. The end products made by the wet-wipe converting equipment can be used in medical, aviation, catering and other industries.
    1. QX-100 Wet Wipe Machine (Single Piece Package)It is designed to complete single sheet wet wipe production and packaging processes. The wet wipe machine has a production speed of 30-120 wipes/minute. The end products are widely used in hotels, restaurants and other dining places.
    1. Wet Wipe Packaging MachineThis wet tissue packaging equipment can complete the entire packaging process, from bag making to the filling, sealing, cutting and perforating and so on to the automatic labeling.
    1. Alcohol Pad Making MachineThe alcohol swab machine is specially designed to produce both standard and non-standard four sided sealed pouch alcohol pads, iodine pads, BZK pads and more. The product appearance comes in a single pack, doubles packs connected to each other, or 4 joint packs.
    1. QX-V Wet Wipe Machine (Wet Tissue Packaged in Canister)This hygiene equipment is provided with an automatic liquid adding device, an automatic film cutting device, automatic sealing device, and automatic film recycling device. With the use of these devices, the wet wipe machine can achieve an integrated production.
    1. Labeling MachineThe canister labeling machine, otherwise known as a bottle labeler, that we produce comes with multiple functions, including canister guiding, canister splitting, label flattening, counting and more.
    1. QX-500 Bag Making Machine (For Nonwoven Filter Bag)

      QX-500 non-woven bag machine is equipped with a full servo control system and a printing system, and comes with a photoelectric tracking device for the bag mouth binding, bonding and cutting, which enables a smooth, neat, and burr-free edge with a high bonding strength.

    1. QX-400 Bag Making Machine (For Nonwoven Filter Bag)The QX-400 bag machine is a multi-functional filter bag machine that is great for making non-woven filter bags with a notching mouth, binding pocket mouth and folded edges. The non-woven bag forming machine comes with a servo control system, an automatic balance material transporting system.
    1. QX3-1200 Nonwoven Bag Machine It is an excellent choice for flat bags, vest bags, and other bags. Non-woven bags manufactured using this shopping bag machine have become increasingly popular among companies such as Wal-Mart.
    1. 4 Color Printing MachineOur 4 color flexo bag printing machine can print 4+0 colors, 3+1, and 2+2 colors on bags with a printing length ranging from 229mm to 1000mm, it is idea equipment for printing on non-woven bags.
    1. QX2-1200 Nonwoven Bag MachineThe QX2-1200 bag machine is a conventional non-woven cloth bag making machine designed to produce different environmentally friendly bags, such as flat bags, vest bags, handle bags, box bags and more.
    1. QX3-Rc Makeup Remover Pad Machine (Rectangle Cotton Pads)

      It is applicable for producing cotton pads for hygienic, medical and cosmetic industries. This make-up removal pad machines uses non-woven fabric as raw material, automatically carrying out all processes from material feeding, to the precise scoring.

    1. QX-Rd Makeup Remover Pad Machine (Round Cotton Pads)This cotton round machine features manufacturing technology that can seal a cotton pad edge, or leave it unsealed. It can also produce round make-up removal pads with the edges punched.
    1. QX-Rf Cotton Pad Machine (Nonwoven Facial Pad Machine)From non-woven make-up removal pads to a fully automatic folding, cutting and counting, our QX-Rf cotton pad machine is an excellent choice. With a production speed of 400-600 pads/minute, and outstanding production efficiency, this non-woven converting machinery is more competitive.
    1. QX-Re Makeup Remover Pad Machine (Insert Type Cotton Pads)This make-up removal pad machine is designed to manufacture cotton pads that you can place your fingers inside. It is a fully automatic make-up cotton machine with a speed of 300 pads/minute.
    1. QX-2Re Makeup Remover Pad Machine (Insert Type Cotton Pads)The QX-2Re cotton pad machinery is a new variety of make-up removal pad machinery used to convert pure cotton, non-woven fabric and cotton cloth into make-up remover pads that you can place your fingers in. This cosmetic supply machine also uses one-stop operating processes.
    1. QX-2Rd Makeup Remover Pad Machine (Round Cotton Pads)The QX-2Rd round cotton pad making machine is one such machine, used for the production of different cotton rounds. In addition, this cotton round making machine can also be used as a non-woven machine for producing medical round non-woven products.
    1. Fabric Rewinding Machine The QX-Za fabric rewinding machine, also known as a fabric rewinder, is a versatile non-woven fabric machine that combines perforating, slitting and rewinding into one machine. It can be used on spunlaced, needle punched, hot melt and spunwound non-woven materials.
    1. Fabric Wetting Machine It can also achieve simultaneous spraying from multiple sides, allowing the entire wipe to become uniformly soaked, with no dry angles. With a frequency speed control, the speed ranges from 5-20 m/minute.
    1. Cutting Machine (For Medical Tape)The cutting machine comes with 2 sets of cutting knives that can achieve both synchronous and independent cutting in segments. They are available in either round or sharp knife.
      A linear side rail is also used for cutting.
    1. Compressed Towel Making MachineUsing this compressed towel making machine, different shapes can be made, including round, heart, ovals, and square. They can also be used for facial make-up, wine bottle shaped and more. Have your own shape in mind? Customized shapes can also be made upon customer requests.